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Bob (and John Golden), FWIW, I have a 4/48 photo by Charles Wales of
GN 25096 with moderate weathering, restenciled weight and repacking
data, 7 rung side ladders, and "See America First - Glacier National
Park" herald. This indicates that some cars began to get side
ladders at least as early as the early-to-mid 1940s.

Richard Hendrickson
Yes, I have that photo as well. It is not a "true" USRA car, but a postwar clone with 7/8 ends. I worded my reply poorly. I have no doubt that some of the GN USRA cars received ladders as replacements for their grab irons in the early to mid forties, as I have other photos of GN truss rod cars and postwar USRA clones wearing side and front facing SAF schemes with ladders in place of grab irons. I just meant that I had no photographic proof of such an installation on a USRA boxcar. Picking a nit, I know, but isn't that what we do?

Speaking of picking nits, aren't the "USRA clone" SS and DS boxcars actually the first ARA recommended standard boxcars? I thought I read that in one of Pat O'Boyle or Jeff Koeller's articles in Mainline Modeler. Does anyone else remember reading this?

Bob Heninger
Iowa City, IA

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