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I stand corrected, thanks Tim. I should have cosulted my timeline, first.
Rich Christie

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Rich, your information is incorrect.

CAST IRON wheels were prohibited only for NEW cars in 1958.

They were prohibited as REPLACEMENT wheels after 1963.

They were outlawed for interchange in 1968.

RIBBED wheels were never outlawed as such. Some all-steel
forged wheels had ribs.

Tim O'Connor

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Mark, Style "A" is correct. The trucks in the kit are correct, however the wheelset may not be. Depending on your modeling period. Proto 2000 has historically shipped ribbed back wheelsets with most of their kits. They were banned for interchange service in 1958. After WW2 all new cars were built with smooth back wheels. I don't know off the top of my head when the 3000 series was built.
Rich Christie

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