Re: Proto AAR Standard 50 Ton NKP 3000 Flatcar

Jeff Coleman


Per NKP Diagrams of Freight Cars: Group 11, Sheet 5, 50 Ton Flat 3000-3049. The sill steps are the side mount type. Trucks are double truss, springs: AAR coil 1936 design 4 outer & 1 Simplex unit snubber per nest. Wheels: AAR 33" cast iron with 51/2" X 10" journals.

Jeff Coleman

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I am building this kit. Replaced the plastic grab irons.
What metal stirrup steps would be on this car(style A?). Have A-line metal style A and DA styles side and bottom mount.

Are the supplied trucks correct? Have no photo of this car. Found a 2700 series in 1940 Car Builders which looks similar to this car.

Any help will be great.
Sincerely, Mark Morgan

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