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I'm working with a UP conductor's manual recorded in March, 1948, for thru
trains between Laramie and Rawlins Wyoming. Almost every car inital and
number is legible with just a few exceptions - one in particular is nagging
at me: It's 2 letters, the first is 'R' and the second (depending on which
sample is viewed) is either 'd', 'Q', or 'x' (i.e. Rd, RQ, or Rx). The cars
are reefers -- as there are re-icing instructions. The car numbers span a
wide numeric range and the only ORER reefer numbers that match in full are
URTX, so that's what I'm assuming these entries are. 'Cept there is one
entry where he writes in full 'URTX'....

By and large he uses the full car initial. The only exceptions I've noted
are 'Q' for CBQ, and on occassion he leaves off the X on private cars.

So the question I have is there a common nickname for URTX that would
explain the codes I've come across?

Oh, there is one more item of interest: SFRD26384, westbound with a load of

Dave Nelson

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