Conoco Tankcars


I have been researching Conoco tankcars to determine which paint scheme would be most prevalent in 1950. In looking at a picture in Teds tankcar book I noticed that in the background there is a car that is silver with either black or green lettering. I say green because I have found narrow gauge tankcars that are noted as having green lettering. I have seen a few pictures of black tank cars with both the large white Conoco letering on the side and others with the red triangle logo on the side. Unfortunately the pictures I have found don't seem to have dates on them. I was told that the two AFC type 21 Conoco tankcars that ended up on the Heber Valley Railroad did not have evidence of either logo on the sides.

My question is which paint scheme would be most prevalent in 1950? Would that paintscheme be found on the AFC type 21 tankcars? As a follow up question who makes decals for the paint scheme? I have looked at Champ but they don't have Conoco decals listed on there website. A search of Microscale was not productive either.


Shay Stark

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