Photos of Rock Island & SL-SF Refrigerator Cars

Bill Welch

In researching the 2+ years that it took to eventually form what would be Western Fruit Express, several western railroads that owned refrigerator cars were mentioned as possible partners with the Great Northern, including the Rock Island and SL-SF. Eventually their cars were judged to be in poor condition by GN, causing them to lose interest and eventually go it alone. I would love to find photographs of the RI and SL-SF reefers to possibly help illustrate this part of the WFE story. Although these talks were occurring from 1921 to 1923, the photos could be after these dates. Although a typical "roster shot" would be good, in service and online somewhere being loaded or unloaded would be a "dream come true."

BTW, the "Frisco Refrigerator Line" is not what I referring to here, which is why I was careful to use "SL-SF"

If anyone knows of a source for photos of these particular refrigerator cars, please contact me at fgexbill@...

Thank you!

Bill Welch

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