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Eric Hansmann

CJ Riley wrote:

It has been 15 years since I lived in Pittsburgh and at least 20 since I was
at the site, but I believe Eagle Paints may have been a facility on the
North Side that still existed (although not operating) in the 1980s. I have
photos somewhere of the facility, with several large vertical tanks on a
siding off the Pennsy mainline in the Manchester neighborhood. IIRC, there
was a brick building, as well. It was definitely a paint company (I believe
there was a sign) and was very modelable.

 Anyone  know if it is still there or was it a redevelopment victim?  Mea
Culpa, I worked for the Redevelopment Authority when I discovered this
little gem.



I can't directly answer your query, but I can add a little more to the
details. I was perusing a 1922 B&O Form 6 book yesterday and reviewing
details of the B&O branch that ran along the Allegheny from Willow Grove
(near Millvale) to the Pressed Steel Car company plant on the Ohio. This
entire 5.9 mile line was under the B&O Allegheny Yard control. There is an
entry for the Eagle Paint & Varnish Co. at mile 3.3. They had a company
siding that held 6 cars, but had a 4 car loading capacity. Nearby were
sidings for the South Ave. Team Track and a siding that served the Vernon D.
Price Co. and American Linseed Co. Also nearby was a siding for The Barrett

BTW, this is a fascinating stretch of railroad that serves a diverse
industry base, both large and small. H.J. Heinz, Pressed Steel Car Company,
the Pittsburgh works of ALCo, Carnegie Steel's Edith Furnace, the Western
Pennsylvania Penitentiary, and more. The variety of freight cars delivered
along this stretch would have been amazing.


Eric Hansmann
Chagrin Falls, Ohio
Modeling the railroads of Newburgh, Ohio, circa 1026

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