Hershey did indeed have freight cars that came from the US, but I have
no idea if any of them actually traveled across to Florida or not. In my
collection I have a photo of a former Berwind-White Coal Mining Co. hopper
(PRR GL design) that was sold to Hershey, and reconditioned at the Windber,
PA shops prior to shipment to Cuba. The car has a large "H" logo on the
top of it's second panel (from the left, about 40% of the whole panels
height). In the logo are the letters "FCCinc above the "H's" crossbar, and the
word "Hershey" below the crossbar. Below that is the car' number (750).
The next two panels to the right had all the capacity data; in metric system
of course. The cars number also appeared at the right end of the car at
the top of the second panel. It rides on arch bar trucks.
I believe this photo dates to the late 1930's. It was shot by Ray
Meyers, who was the chief assistant to Ed Barefoot; the car shop foreman at
Windber. Berwind didn't have "Official" builder's photos, but Ray I was told
always had a camera handy to make what now passes for the "official views"
Rich Burg

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