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Pierre <pierre.oliver@...>

In the interests of accuracy and at the risk of splitting hairs,
This paint IS a custom job for CNLines SIG.
We continue to sell paint to hobby shops across North America.
Pierre Oliver

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This paint WAS a custom job for the CN Lines SIG.

I'm not sure what US stores carry CN Lines Scalecoat I or II paint, but maybe Flying Yankee Enterprises, CN Lines' US distributor, could tell you. I know that a few US stores do carry this paint and other CN Lines products. Here is Flying Yankee's email address--


I have used Scalecoat #2 Oxide Red for CN cars. It's a little warmer a colour than CN Red #11, and far more readily available at most LHS. Model-Flex 16-14 Light Tuscan Oxide Red works very well if you prefer acrylic paint for painting a CN car.

Steve Lucas.

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