Hershey Rlwy in Cuba

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'THE RAILWAY THAT CHOCOLATE BARS BUILT' by Stephen D. Maquire - Ralway Magazine, Oct 1960

A good article covering the railways in Cuba. Mentions a car ferry from Palm Beach to Casa Blanca, Cuba the terminus for the Hershey Rlwy. The article also indicates (1 sentence) and I quote, 'Originally the cars were ferried across the deep water from Key West'. A similar ferry service ran from West Palm Beach terminal to Havana. Note the Hershey Rlwy never ran to Havana.

'A PHOTOGRAPHER LOOKS BACK' by William D. Middleton - Rail Classics, May 1978

The article briefly mentions the electric operation on the Hershey Rlwy.

There is another book I'm aware of - and is a rather in-depth study of the sugar railways of Cuba by Adolf Hungrywolf. Unfortunately a couple years ago I lent my copy to a fellow hobbyist I no longer have a phone number for, who hasn't found it necessary to extend the common courtesy of returning it. (Hey **!^%#** hope your reading this)

Adolf in the past prepared a few articles for RailModel Craftsman - If you could contact him, he has enough information on the Cuban lines to fill several volumes - But the sales were not sufficient on his first to warrant any further efforts.

Also through the Yahoo group 'SOUTH OF THE BOARDER' contact Dr. John Kirchner - He's the most knowledgeable I've met on Latin American sugar and banana rlwys. You could try Frank Berry through the 'MexList' another Yahoo group.

This is the extent of my knowledge and hope my useless ramble helps . . .

Good luck,

Jim Peters

Coquitlam, BC Canada

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