Re: new decals added

Benjamin Hom

Mike Aufderheide wrote:
"Are the ACL rebuild changes to the Tichy model described in a
magazine article, or is it simpler than that? Sounds like a car I
would like to make."

Mike, not sure which magazine article you're referencing; at any
rate, I wouldn't start with the Tichy HO scale model as it's too
tall and has the wrong roof for the ACL USRA DS rebuilds. Instead,
I'd start with either the Atlas "Rebuilt" boxcar with 5/5/5 ends and
fishbelly underframe (part no 6400-1 undec), rework the side sills
for the proper support brackets and inset, and change out the
trucks; or go with Sunshine kits 64.67-64.70 out of the box.

FWIW, the Atlas car is a hermaphrodite that doesn't accurately model
any rebuilt SS or DS boxcar; however, the 5/5/5 end version is
closest to the ACL/C&WC/SL-SF prototypes and can be kitbashed as
discussed above.

Ben Hom

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