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Would you be interested in doing some 1952+ EJ&E box cars decals in the
Billboard orange and green schemes? There are Sunshine mini-kits and other
(incl Branchline 8' dr car) bashes that can be done, for both the 10' and
10'6" IH cars, and photos of same in both new EJ&E book and in old RMJ. There
are also B&W photos in the RPCyc that contained the article on 10' IH cars. I
do not know why no one has done those cars, but it is true!

Elden Gatwood

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Sorry - been busy setting up the old computer that was downgraded to the
train room. The ACL set was inspired by my friend Steve Hoxie who I'm hoping
will write it up perhaps in the SCL-Modeler (cuz I know John Golden has been
pumping him for input).

I did a similar one years ago for Frisco (see:
You cut the side/roof casting apart and discard the roof scratching a new one
from sheet and strip stock. Assemble the "box" using Tichy's 5-5-5 ends and
an Accurail USRA underframe (necessary because the kit is a rebuild from a
50ton SS car and we're modeling a one from a 40ton DS car).

I can go into further detail if necessary but that's the basics.

Jerry Glow

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Are the ACL rebuild changes to the Tichy model described in a magazine
article, or is it simpler than that? Sounds like a car I would like to make.
Mike Aufderheide

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At John Golden's suggestion, I modified the ACL rebuilt boxcar set to
make one for an AAR '37. So you now have your choice (or get both)

Jerry Glow
http://home. ~jerryglow/ decals.html

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I'm gradually adding new sets to my small line of specality decals:
http://home. ~jerryglow/ decals.html Recent additions
include sets for ACL and P&LE/PMcK&Y rebuilt boxcars, and a single door
version of the Soo Line AAR '37 w/ $ sign logo.

My niche is (without criticizing the manufacturers) replacement sets for
lesser quality offerings especially in F&C and Tichy kits and "bashable"
projects for which no decals exist.

I may be interested in adding a set not listed: as usual, contact me

Jerry Glow

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