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I looked into this issue when I was trying to figure out what to do on both
an early NYC PS-1 and an early P&WV PS-1 (both 1948 models, I think). Ed was
very helpful in that regard, too! I also got the Ed Kaminski Pullman-Std
book out and looked at the pics of early PS-1's. I have since partially
finished the P&WV model (I used a Kadee), and here is what I did:

1) Pop off running board, doors, end ladders and details, and grabs.

2) Sanded down end panel roof ribs to create flat panels on 4 end roof
panels. Put tape over panel caps and use sanding sticks on "ribs".

3) Replace doors with Superior type 7-panel.

4) Cut off portion of end ladder that is too wide, and replace with new
right stile that is continuous (this was very easy; let me know if you want

5) reshape bolster tabs to match those in photo. The Late PS-1 has wide
tabs, the early ones are narrower and have a little bit of a "hat" shape.

6) re-shape end ribs to be rounder, both on ends and top and bottom edges.
I did this with a sanding stick.

7) replace right end grab with one mounted on the left with a triangular
(peaked) strap that clears the rib, in the appropriate location.

8) Replace brake with Equipco (P&WV used almost nothing else).

I did not investigate the underframe or u/f mounting of brake gear, as I had
no details on that, and will end up running the car 100% of the time right
side up (sad attempt at humor).

It is not a horrible bash, unlike others. And there are both Speedwitch
decals for the early, and Microscale decals, or Century green, makes the
issues of decals minimal.

BTW, there are other lots of NYC cars (176XXX series?) that have the later

Elden Gatwood

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On May 12, 2010, at 4:16 AM, Mark M wrote:

recently purchased a built intermountain kit. NYC 40' PS-1 boxcar
#167646 from lot 765-B.

Any suggestions on trucks, roof walk, steps, etc!

Thanks for any help.

Mark Morgan
As far as I have been able to determine, NYC's PS-1 box cars typically came
with either Universal or Miner hand brakes and Apex Tri-Lok running boards
and brake steps. I do not know with any degree of certainty what hand
brake(s) came on the Lot 765-B series, and I have not found any definitive
photos. A photo of NYC 167299 (albeit a small
image) is on page 99 of the 1949/51 Car Builders' Cyclopedia. An in-service
photo of NYC 167210 from the same series shows the car rode on Barber S-2-A
trucks. However, this photo is a broadside and does not show the hand brake.

In case you aren't aware and for what it may be worth to you, the NYC Lot
765-B cars in series 167000-167999 were built in 1948. This means that the
InterMountain model (patterned after prototype PS-1 box cars built 1954 and
later) has a number of characteristics that are incorrect for the NYC Lot
765-B cars, including the wrong PS-1 ends (cars built in 1948 lacked the six
rectangles at the peak and had a different grab arrangement on the right side
of the end), the wrong
PS-1 roof (panels closest to the ends were flat), and the bolster tabs are
too wide. The prototype cars had 7-panel Superior doors, which I don't know
if the model comes with or not.
Ed Hawkins

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