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David Sieber

The PS-1 table on the Steam Freight Cars website confirms that this lot had 6-foot 7-panel Superior doors and Barber S-2-A trucks. It shows the handbrake was Miner - but with an asterisk, indicating confirmation from a photo, not conclusive documentation for the entire lot - so other handbrakes may have been applied to a portion of the lot. Since Intermountain PS-1 kits come with an incorrect early Ajax brakewheel, I'd suggest the Miner handbrake from the available info.
However, as Ed Hawkins notes, there are a number of details about the Intermountain car that could be changed to more accurately model an early PS-1. See Ted Culotta's article Essential Freight Cars #40 in RMC Jan 08, plus the Pat Wider/Ed Hawkins article in RP Cyc #1 on Riveted 40' PS-1 Box Cars. Don't let that title fool you; the RP Cyc article gives timelines for changes in identifiable features of early PS-1s: ends, roofs, underframes, bolster tabs, stirrup steps, etc. If you choose to make those modifications, you'll have a car that is accurate and definitely not like everyone else's Intermountain car.
Dave Sieber, Reno NV

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I recently purchased a built intermountain kit. NYC 40' PS-1 boxcar #167646 from lot 765-B. Any suggestions on trucks, roof walk, steps, etc!
As far as I have been able to determine, NYC's PS-1 box cars typically came with either Universal or Miner hand brakes and Apex Tri-Lok running boards and brake steps. I do not know with any degree of certainty what hand brake(s) came on the Lot 765-B series, and I have not found any definitive photos. A photo of NYC 167299 (albeit a small image) is on page 99 of the 1949/51 Car Builders' Cyclopedia. An in-service photo of NYC 167210 from the same series shows the car rode on Barber S-2-A trucks. However, this photo is a broadside and does not show the hand brake.

In case you aren't aware and for what it may be worth to you, the NYC Lot 765-B cars in series 167000-167999 were built in 1948. This means that the InterMountain model (patterned after prototype PS-1 box cars built 1954 and later) has a number of characteristics that are incorrect for the NYC Lot 765-B cars, including the wrong PS-1 ends (cars built in 1948 lacked the six rectangles at the peak and had a different grab arrangement on the right side of the end), the wrong PS-1 roof (panels closest to the ends were flat), and the bolster tabs are too wide. The prototype cars had 7-panel Superior doors, which I don't know if the model comes with or not.
Ed Hawkins
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