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Thank You. I took a bit of time last night(early morning) and put four cars into service, and alas the NYC car is not correct :-) . The Proto NKP car is built and shopped a NYC USRA coal car and a Bowser WM coal car.

Mark Morgan

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Would another class be like the Intermountain boxcar?
Mark Morgan


Yes, "more like" the IM box car is very appropriate. NYC had 4 orders

of PS-1 box cars delivered in 1950 through 1952. These are listed on

the PS-1 roster, available for downloading from the STMFC web site.

These prototype cars have the roof and ends as modeled by IM. Some NYC

PS-1s had 7-panel Superior doors that could be used as well. As

previously indicated the bolster tabs will require shortening and other

details as pointed out by Terry.

One can only wonder why IM produced the NYC model representing a car

built in 1948 when there were numerous better choices. Oh well.

Another option is the group of 25 NYC Pacemaker cars built in 1954 (Lot

848-B) having sides, ends, and roof that match the IM model. However,

these cars were part of an order of 100 PS-1s built for various

railroads with Pullman cushioned underframes.

Just for interest I will throw out another idea. Kadee has offered

accurate models of NYC PS-1 box cars including their catalogue number

4057 (Lot 842-B with 5-panel Superior doors) and 4079 (Lot 808-B with

Youngstown doors). Both of these are sold out at Kadee, but you might

be able to locate one somewhere or wait for a future release that Kadee

will no doubt offer. These two models have black roofs and ends to

represent the car cement applied to new NYC PS-1 box cars built from

1950 to 1952. They also come with the correct hand brake and Apex

Tri-Lok running boards & brake steps.


Ed Hawkins

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