"The Standard Car Company" parts

Bill Welch <bwelch@...>

Don Valentine of "New England Rail Service" is offering at least one freight parts set under "The Standard Car Company" label. The set is to modify an Accurail single sheathed wood end/wood door car into a door and a half Grand Trunk car. An article doing this was in RMJ very well done by Richard using resin molded parts several years ago..

This set is very well done with small parts like the door guides and the rivited triangular reinforcing plates that were attached next to the door opening on each side of the door. This is the parts set that Stafford made reference to in his series in the recent RMJ. It is #1000.

Anyway, I sent Mr. Vaentine an inquiry about how to get a couple of sets, along with a SASE but have heard nothing. It has been a couple of months now. Does anyone know of a hobby shop that carries his line?

Also I understand there is a German Company with a web site that has a lot of info about what is coming from Life Like. I tried "all_american_trains" on my search engine, as directed by my source but came up with nothing. Can anyone advise?

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