Re: New York Central 765-B

Tim O'Connor

Just for interest I will throw out another idea. Kadee has offered
accurate models of NYC PS-1 box cars including their catalogue number
4057 (Lot 842-B with 5-panel Superior doors) and 4079 (Lot 808-B with
Youngstown doors). Both of these are sold out at Kadee, but you might
be able to locate one somewhere or wait for a future release that Kadee
will no doubt offer. These two models have black roofs and ends to
represent the car cement applied to new NYC PS-1 box cars built from
1950 to 1952. They also come with the correct hand brake and Apex
Tri-Lok running boards & brake steps.
Ed Hawkins

These are the NYC models Ed mentioned, and a couple extras. As
Ed noted these are all PS-1 1950-1953 production.

4007 NYC 170699 IY doors, 1951 reweigh 1961
4032 NYC 169000 7p SUP doors, 1950 original
4033 NYC 169004 7p SUP doors, 1950 original
4034 NYC 169016 7p SUP doors, 1950 original
4057 NYC 180199 5p SUP doors, 1952 original black ends/roof
4079 NYC 170750 IY doors, 1951 original, black ends/roof
4084 NYC 170749 IY doors, 1968 stencil, jade green repaint

If you can find it, try to get Kadee #4000, the undecorated "RTR"
PS-1. The early undec models came with 3 different pairs of doors
but I don't know if the newer "kit" (#4100) comes with extra doors.

Tim O'Connor

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