Re: 40-foot FGE steel reefers


Yes, plug door version also. Walthers got the info for the 2011 catalog, due out next October; we haven't put any info up because I didn't think Walthers was going to put it up this early. At this point, we are likely looking at a October release. The plug door car will be 8500 series SKU's, and will likely be out first.

The plug door car is specifically a WFEX car (don't have the numbers handy) but FGEX and BREX both had similar cars. spotting features include diagonal panel roof, improved Dreadnaught ends with the one "squished" rib, and plain lapped side sheets with single rivet rows.

The swing door car will have the same roof and ends; most likely double rivet rows (hat section posts).

As planned now, both cars will have acetal sill steps and brake rodding, like our gondola kit.

Now, I need to get back to work on them.

Dennis Storzek
Accurail, Inc.

From what I can find, these cars started being built during WWII, and being in the WWII modeler minority (as opposed to all of the transition era modelers on this esteemed list), a WFEX with only "Great Northern" in the herald, and Ventilator-Refrigerator on the side would be greatly appreciated (swing door only). A good picture of such a lettering scheme is on the RPI site.

A small group of cars is listed under WFEX in the '43 ORER, an additional numbers are reserved for a new group of cars, but noted to be 5 inches taller inside and out than the first batch already built. This is the only ORER I have - don't know for sure if the subsequent cars were taller.

Keep up all the great work! Really appreciate your selling steam era freight car kits!

Dave Evans
(A late arriving SPF who knows not to use hyphens, but has actually encountered one or two official PRR documents with hyphens - don't tell anyone ;-)

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