Re: Those pesky 40-foot FGE/WFE/BRE/NX steel reefers

Andrew Miller <aslmmiller@...>

I knew someone would be introducing a 40' plug door iced reefer soon, because I just finished a project to build 15 of them using the old Trains Miniature sides with I/M roofs and ends and an Accurail floor. For the FGEX-WFEX-BREX cars as well as the PFE R40-26 I used the I/M diagonal panel roof and improved dreadnought ends from the R40-25 they did some years ago for the Amarillo Museum. For the various models of SFRD cars I used the I/M SFRD ends and SFRD, rectangular or diagonal panel roofs and straight or fishbelly centersill Accurail floors depending on the SFRD model.

Now to my point. The same technique might be tried to improve the forthcomming Accurail cars. Instead of carving ladders off the ends, you might replace the ends with I/M ends!


Andy Miller

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Bill mentions his dread concerning the ladder carving on the ends. Perhaps Dennis could do us STMFC'ers a favor, and hold off to last the cutting in the end ladders, and run some bodies with the "unfinished" ends, letting them be available to us who appreciate such generosity.

I remember years ago Terry Wegmann ran a few sets of his "Details West" R-40-23 dreadnaught end w/o ladder brackets. Boy, I wish I had grabbed a couple more of those...
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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What I am dreading is carving the ladders off of the ends.

Bill Welch


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