40-foot FGE/WFE/BRE/NX steel reefers correction, clarification, amplification

Bill Welch

I went back to look at my photos of these cars and I need to correct what I said about the door handle on the BREX/MNX cars. Without a protractor, I have to admit I am not really sure what the angle is, but fortunately we can use the same limitations the builder used. The handle is angled to fit between the bottom left hinge and a fitting designed to mesh w/a complementary fitting on the cars side to hold the door open.

All of these cars had straight side sills. I get confused because WFE and FGE had welded versions of these cars which had tabbed side sills. Maybe "Archer" will run their weld decals in 1/87th scale!

For the WFE 68400-68649 examples they had door hinges that sort of look like "Home Plate," not unlike the hinge fitted to PFE's steel reefers, maybe even the same hinge. These cars were built by Pacific Car & Foundry.

The BRE cars were built by FGE's Indiana Harbor shops while the MNX cars were built by the BRE shops at Plattsmouth, Nebraska.

FGE's 39500-39799 were built at their Alexandria, VA shops, but I am uncertain where their 39300-39499 were built.

Bill Welch

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