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Interesting question. The models appear to be stencilled (if I read the pictures correctly) as class B-6, to which neither the body nor the numbers correspond. This class comprised '32 ARA cars with tabbed side sills, built in 1934 (17000-17999) and 1937 (18000-18999). See Ted Culotta's '32 ARA boxcar book, chapter 20.

The models' built date (6-30) and the 14000-series numbers correspond to 1950s rebuilds of class B-5, which were originally single-sheathed cars. There were three variants of these rebuilds, of which one (not the most common, unfortunately) had six-foot doors and covered side trusses, making it resemble the X29. The models' height and length and roof and ends are right or real close to it; the underframe isn't (should be fishbelly, with a single centered crossbearer). See John Golden's article in Lines South, 4th/04, pp 22-30, and the B-5 drawings in this list's Files section.

The rebuildings were done after my modelling date, and I haven't examined small details closely e.g. rivet patterns, but I tend to view these models as interesting stand-ins, that could be made more realistic with a new underframe. A B-5 underframe can be made from an Accurail reefer underframe. (Trim the fishbelly to length; make a new floor, crossbearers, and crossmembers from Evergreen styrene. Add brakes. I made an as-built B-5 from F&C superstructure parts, before the Sunshine kits were available.)

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-- Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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Intermountain has just released a six car set of Red Caboose Seaboard X29 40' boxcars in the "Route of the Orange Blossom Special" paint scheme. These cars are brown with white lettering. The white herald has a red heart with the lettering "Through The Heart Of The South" inside. Here are a couple of pictures of the cars:

how accurate are these?

Jerry Glow

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