Re: Need Help with GATX Tank Cars from the 1950s

Richard Hendrickson

On May 14, 2010, at 9:49 AM, Ian Cranstone wrote:

On 2010-05-14, at 12:24 PM, Richard Hendrickson wrote:

And I'll take exception to one of
Bruce's points, that pre-WWII cars were probably Type 30s. In fact,
GATC built thousands of tanks cars for its own service between the
teens and the late '20s before the Type 30 design was developed, and
most of them survived into the mid-'50s.
GATC was also a partner (with Canadian Car & Foundry) in Canadian
General Transit, formed in 1932. In the post-WW II years, a good
number of these older GATC cars apparently found their way to the
CGTX fleet, including a large number of 1917-built cars. I don't
know how much of an impact this had on the composition of the GATC
fleet itself during this era, but one presumes that there would
have been a decline in older cars with GATX markings.
Not enough to make much of a difference, Ian. The CGTX fleet
consisted of 1243 cars in 7/43 and 2472 in 1/53, and some of those
additional cars were new. The GATC fleet in 1/53 was 45,632, by
comparison with which the cars transferred to CGTX were insignificant
in number.

Richard Hendrickson

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