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I understand that Richard. I was responding to his thought that asphalt would not be shipped far, but wherever it is used, it has to be shipped from a refinery.

CJ Riley

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On May 14, 2010, at 12:04 PM, cj riley wrote:

I think you will find that "asphalt" as applied to a road is
locally manufactured and shipped by truck. Liquid asphalt is the
petroleum based binder that is mixed with aggregate to make the
paving material Liqid asphalt likely is shipped from the refinery
and could travel longer distances.
True, but Western Asphalt was in Santa Maria, CA and Ned models
somewhere in the wilderness east of the Mississippi, where there was
no chance that a California Despatch Line tank car assigned to
Western Asphalt would have turned up, even by accident.

Richard Hendrickson

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