Re: CDLX cars in Iowa

Richard Hendrickson

On May 15, 2010, at 9:39 AM, Mike Brock wrote:

While the following does not dispute Richard's comment about CDLX cars
carrying asphalt, it is interesting to note that California
Despatch Line
tank cars did make it east of the Mississippi's close
buddy..."Across The
Wide Missouri"... at Council Bluffs and very likely traveled on
into the vast wilderness of Iowa, Illinois and other primitive places.

Of the 17 EB frt trains in my Fraley [ April 1949 ] there are 31 cars
carrying wine. Most are tank cars although 4 PFE reefers show. Of
the tank
cars, there are 9 SHPX, 12 GATX, and 3 CDLX. All of these wine
carrying cars
are traveling to the eastern end of the UP Wyoming/Nebraska trunk
at Council
Bluffs except 2 to Omaha and KC.....
The three CDLX cars are #318, #904 and #769. 318 and 904 appear to be
compartment cars [ 80,000 lbs ].
Mike, CDLX 318 was a three compartment AAR (not ICC) 203 built by
AC&F in March, 1937; I have a builders photo of that car. CDLX 904
was a four compartment car, as were all the cars in the 897-975
series. CDLX 769 was an 8,000 gal. single compartment AAR 203 built
in June, 1940; I have a builder's photo of CDLX 764. Of the more
than 400 cars in the CDLX fleet, probably half, or close to half,
were class TLI wine cars and, in the nature of things, those cars
would have spent a lot of time in transcontinental bulk wine service.

Richard Hendrickson

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