Re: 40-foot FGE/WFE/BRE/NX steel reefers correction, clarification, amplification

Richard Hendrickson

On May 15, 2010, at 9:13 AM, devansprr wrote:

Oh, PS - BLI's new catalog (on-line), shows a run of NYC spec 468
box cars coming (similar era/size to PRR X29), but in late 40's and
50's paint schemes (AARRGGHHH - what is it about POST-WAR paint
schemes!!! I am beginning to wonder if there is some secret society
that says manufacturers can not offer WWII paint schemes...)

This car would appear to fill a major model gap since I think there
were a LOT of these (I am not NYC literate - see SPF note above -
kind of heresy...;-)
Yes, there were almost 21,000 of them on the New York Central System,
including the Peoria & Eastern and Boston & Albany (see my article in
the March, 2007 Railmodel Journal), and some lasted into the 1960s,
so this is a model that has been much needed. The BLI models will
have '40s/'50s P/L schemes because they will have rectangular panel
replacement roofs, which were applied by the NYC during and after WW
II. This was actually a shrewd marketing decision because, as
modeled, they can be used by a large number of late steam and
transition era modelers for whom a model with original roof would not
be correct. However, back-dating the models with a flat-panel Murphy
steel roof wouldn't be all that hard. Also, the 1940s P/L scheme was
adopted before WW II (when the black herald backgrounds were
deleted), so WW-II era modelers can justify having a BLI model with
new roof and relatively fresh paint just by back-dating the reweigh

Richard Hendrickson

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