NYC Spec 468 boxcars

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The BLI models will
have '40s/'50s P/L schemes because they will have rectangular panel
replacement roofs, which were applied by the NYC during and after WW
II. This was actually a shrewd marketing decision because, as
modeled, they can be used by a large number of late steam and
transition era modelers for whom a model with original roof would not
be correct.
Richard Hendrickson
Richard (or anyone else who may know),
Any idea how late the original flat panel roofs lasted? Were all the cars converted by 1949? I have a few Westerfield kits with the original flat panel roofs, so I am wondering if they are still useful to me.

I am happy to see these cars available in HO scale. Perhaps BLI will consider producing a Pennsy X31 with separate ladders as well.

Bob Heninger
Iowa City, IA

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