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That is a lot of cinders: one out of every roughly 10 to 30 cars of coal.  Who was takeing all that cinder "waste"?  They used mine and blast furnace slag "waste" crushed for roadbeds.

Al Kresse

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Clark, you can Google for "ash content of coal" -- I found a page
that says typical bituminous ash content is 3.3% to 11.7% by weight.

Tim O'Connor

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We were talking the other day about power plants at medium sized industries. Asking ourselves, but not knowing the answers to the questions; How many car loads of coal would the average boiler power generating system use? And what's the percentage ratio of coal to clinker or cinders?

In other words how many 50, 55 ton car loads of coal to gondolas of cinders?

Thanks for any advice
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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