Re: BLI NYC Spec 486 40' Box Cars


Catalogs are generated by marketing people not experts on freight cars
and BLI would not be the first manufacturer to put incorrect numbers and
road names on a model.

This is a model many of us have hoped for for many years and I hope the
"consultants" will help BLI get it correct. It seems until test shots"
of the model are available for review, all comments are just
speculation. I am patiently waiting for photos of the actual model as
then we all will know which one BLI did.


Bob Witt
Indianapolis, Indiana

"Bruce Smith" wrote:


AFAIK, the bulk of the information on this project has been supplied
a very knowledgeable STMFC member whose membership status in the NYCHS
is not known to me. In addition, at least 2 members of the PRRT&HS
Modeling Committee (one of them being me) were approached for
with this model, although about all I could do to help was emphasize
that it was an incredibly important steam era freight car and to point
them in the direction of those who know more than I! <G>

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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