UTLX X-3 Tank Length


I am looking for the lengths of the tanks for the 6,500 gallon and the short 8,000 gallon X-3 cars. Looking at photos of the 6,500 gallon car in Arizona and the two short 8,000 gallon cars in museums in the upper Midwest it looks like the lengths may be different. Some of this may just be the angles that pictures are taken but it looks to me that the 6,500 gallon tank is shorter and thus the porch on the end is more pronounced. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to make a trip to measure the cars. I have a couple Intermountain tank car kits that I want to kit bash into these cars. Yes I know about the Sunshine cars but since I have these kits I thought this would be a fun challenge. I am building new frames and bolsters right now but the tanks have me baffled.


Shay Stark

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