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Shay Stark wrote:
Thank you very much for your reply. This is exactly what I was looking for. I noticed that the tank capacity in gallons found on the ends of the two 8,000 gallon cars located in the upper Midwest are slightly different. I am wondering if that could be due to slight differences in tank lengths as part of the manufacturing process or due to the cars being built in different lots or possibly by different builders, or if it was just a difference in who determined the capacity?
Tank car cargoes were billed on gallonage, and that precise gallon figure on the end of the car was the basis for such billing (when the car was "shell full," meaning liquid level just at the bottom of the dome opening). In effect, it's as important as the "light weight" on other freight cars. Upon completion of manufacture, each car was measured and the result stenciled on the car end. Numbers varied about one tenth of one percent of the total value, not a terrible variability in manufacture for riveted construction.

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