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Andy Laurent

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Thanks guys, very interesting.

I guess I do need to clarify what type of industry I'm talking about. I my case a meat packing plant. There were hundreds of similar sized companies that made their own power during the time of this list.

Clark Propst
Clark, the Ahnapee & Western Railway that I model had an evaporated milk plant on its line at Sturgeon Bay, Wisc, which received coal in carloads for a steam/light plant. Using the waybill records that I have, the plant received a twin hopper of coal every third day, or so (about 2 cars/week). This plant was steam sterilizing cans, homoginizing milk, as well as powering the plants lights, so you would have to take that into account. Their output was about 3 cars of canned evaporated milk per day...5 days per week.

The coal was put on the ground in piles by small wheeled under-car conveyor, then moved by that same conveyor into trucks for a 300' move to the boilerhouse.

Andy L.
South Bend, IN

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