Re: Chateau Martin Wine Car Photos

brianehni <behni@...>

I emailed Protocraft, and got this response:

sorry, no. It's a big expense to produce these and there is a 125

Unless a lot more people ask them, it looks like a dead end, unless Ted can do as Dave suggests.

Brian Ehni

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Second the motion, not just for those Chateau Martin wine cars, but also the Norfork Southern 1932 AAR boxcars and the West India Fruit boxcars. Perhaps some reciprocity - they issue Ted Culotta's artwork in O scale, Speedwitch Media releases their artwork in HO?
Dave Sieber, Reno NV

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Wish they would do them in HO!

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Protocraft developed artwork for four different CMWX sets for the ¼" scale market.
They are also releasing Speedwitch decals in ¼" scale along with artwork by Protocraft.

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