Re: New Kadee #78 "Scale Coupler"

Andy Carlson

Ted, the Accumate brand of "Proto:HO Accumate scale size couplers are $12.95/ 12 Pairs (that is 24 couplers). Many prototype modelers have voiced preferences for the better appearance of the accumates, and their draft gear box is very nicely detailed (even Byron Rose likes it). The whole draft gear/ coupler assembly fits inside Kadee # 5 style boxes, which answers the question of "how do I mount it to a molded on coupler box?". I bought 144 pairs with draft gear boxes for under $100.00. I don't see a need for the Kadee.
Andy Carlson

On Wednesday, June 19, 2002, at 09:38 AM, Ted Culotta wrote:

--- wrote:
Kadee says that the #78s will come in packages of 4
assembled couplers. A
package of 4 will retail at $5.25.
I am excited to see them, but $5.25 for four... ouch!


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