Re: Branchline 40' steel CMO (C&NW) boxcar 39092

Dan Sweeney Jr

Ed, thanks much. I have been putting off relettering these four cars--sometimes laziness pays off! Best wishes,
Dan Sweeney, Jr.
Alexandria, VA

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Steve and group,
Forgive me for jumping in so late on this topic, but I purchased a
four-pack of the Branchline CMO 39000's, and am concerned about the
lettering above the reporting marks. Every photo of a CMO steel box
car that I have seen shows only the letters "CStPM&O" above the
reporting marks, but the kits all carry the same lettering as appears
on CNW box cars (full "Chicago and North Western"). Guidance please.

Dan Sweeney, Jr.
Alexandria, VA
The AC&F builder's photo from lot 2770 of CMO 37662, built 8-45, had
CStPM&O stencils above the reporting marks. The builder's photo from
lot 3256 of CMO 39092, built 10-48 had CHICAGO AND NORTH WESTERN
stencils above the reporting marks. In case this matters, the
1945-built CMO cars had Duryea underframes while the 1948-built CMO
cars had AAR-type underframes. Hope this helps.
Ed Hawkins

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