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I was thinking of using the name I had when I ran a custom paint shop for 10 years.

BTW my list now is mostly "cluickable" to show sample illustrations or actual models.

Jerry Glow

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You're making enough decals to have a trade name or a company name.

As much fun as it would be to have a "Name Jerry's Company Contest", I think it might be just a bit off-topic. I think Glow-Cals would win anyway.

You might also help sales if you set up a page on your website to show models finished with your decals.

John Golden
Bloomington, IN

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At Tim's request, I've added a DSS&A decal set good for Ps-1s and AARs. This was a real case of cooperation from several list members esp Dennis Storzk who provided some excellent drawings of the logos.

see the new list at:

Jerry Glow

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