Re: Interesting Box Cars, but no models? Part 1


I was unaware any MP ones went to AC&Y but I'm pretty certain some went to Ashley Drew and Northern.

Jerry Glow

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I have been re-reading many of the landmark articles on box cars that Ed
Hawkins, Richard Hendrickson, Rich Burg, Jim Eager and others wrote for the
mags in the late 80's and 90's, and was wondering why some of these
interesting box cars have not been produced in model, much less RTR form.

Beginning with the 50-foot single sheathed cars (Rich Burg article - RMJ Nov
'89), there are very appealing cars that MILW, Bamberger, CB&Q, GN, NP, MP
(later AC&Y), and RI owned. I am aware of the Westerfield GN car, but does
anyone make any of the others in HO? Given these were around for a long time
(into the 60's at least), and were such significant cars, and also given the
numerous oddballs one finds in resin form, I am surprised I haven't seen
these more numerous and important cars in HO.

Elden Gatwood

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