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Bill Welch

Hi Jerry

I like your model. I did mine using a special order Champ set of UP heralds with the red and white stripes reversed. There is a photo of one of these in the PFE book and I have since seen a second photo of a car with this herald variation, one of the 47' cars as I recall. This was when Champ was doing custom Alps versions from their art work. Some others on this list participated in this order.

Bill Welch

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The model, completed when Terry first started doing them:

Jerry Glow

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Many will remember the special run Terry Wegmann made 7 years ago of R-30-16 conversion sets, made to change a Red Caboose R-30-12 into the steel roofed rebuild class of R-30-16s, a very large class of PFE reefers. According to Terry, in the post WWll era, this was the most numerous class of reefers on the PFE roster.

Briefly, Terry machined his R-30-18 steel roof to fit the RC body. He also machined the RC wooden ends to fit the roof profile. These parts are included in the set, including steel hatch covers, styrene strip for the end fascia, pre-bent wire roof grabs, molded styrene Bettendorf cross-bearers (to replace the poorly executed ones from the RC kit) and a R-30-18 wood running board (injection molded styrene).

I have been out of these for about 2 years, until this morning when I uncovered an overlooked one dozen of these sets.

I am offering these, the last ones available (Terry has stated that he will not make anymore), for $16.00 each. Shipping is $1.80 in a padded envelope.

I also have 2 of the latest run of RC undec kits as the donor cars for this conversion.
I will sell these for $32.00, shipping postpaid, with a conversion set included. I have only 2 of these.

If interested, contact me off-list at <midcentury@>

I accept PayPal, personal checks, and money orders. Thanks Mike, and to all of you out there,
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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