Re: new F&C kits & new B&O flat

Gatwood, Elden J SAD


For the first time since the PRRT&HS convention, I got to sit down and open
up some of my new purchases.

I had picked up several new Funaro & Camerlengo kits; the PRR H25, the H33,
the GLE, and the new X26C with diagonal panel roof.

I have always been really intimidated by resin hopper kits. The fact that
everything is exposed, the complicated slopes and numerous mating surfaces.
Well, the H25 was a real surprise. It has a very nice one-piece body, onto
which you tack all the remaining parts. The rivets are very fine, the ribs
all look like the real thing. The H33 covered hopper is also very nice.
They even did the proper rendition of the Z-angle ribs! The GLE is of the
same caliber. The new X26C is also very nice, and the one-piece body is
great. You just sand the underframe to fit, add some weight, and pop into
place. You should consider these new kits. They also offer 2 for 1 deals at

I also opened up my new IM B&O P-31 bulkhead flat. It looks just like the
real thing. Jim Mischke provided IM the plans for the bulkheads, so it is
accurate for the B&O. I am not sure about any others as far as bulkheads go.
The P-31's were converted over in 1956 or so, and were intended, I believe,
for wallboard service, but I also saw them loaded with steel sheets banded
and placed on top of wooden dunnage. The deck and wooden bulkhead pieces are
a bit thick, but you can correct that pretty easily by prying them loose and
sanding them down. You have another accurate car for your fleet.

Elden Gatwood

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