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Gene <bierglaeser@...>

I tried to resist responding to this but the flesh is weak.

Grain doors nailed all the way to the top of the doors would trap inside the car the guy who nailed them up. Besides, how could the car be loaded?

That said, after World War Two the M&StL was buying box cars with a 10'-0" inside height when many other railroads were buying 10'-6" IH box cars.

As was mentioned in another message, there were lines stenciled on the box car sides showing the level to fill the car with various grains.

In the M&StL's cars (and no doubt those of many other railroads) wheat was the lowest line. About 4 inches above that was the line for corn, rye and flax. The barley line was 7 or 8 inches above the corn-rye-flax line. The line for oats was very near the top of the car's side. That suggests to me that the M&StL bought all those 10'-0" IH box cars with grain hauling in mind.

Gene Green

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The grain doors nailed inside the car door can't extend all the way up, anyway. Load could only be
up to about two feet below the door top.

Skip Luke

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