CONCEPT MODELS freight car kits


Normally, i wouldn't bring this up, but through the
heavy weight flat car group(s), I came across this company
that makes 'HO' kits for virtually all the Schnabel cars.
From my point of view the line up of less exotic
conventional freight cars, that they label "vintage"
in their online site, are desirable ends.

The site has no physical address or phone number that I
can find, and while a Dave Allen is mentioned, I doubt
it is the one associated with this and other vintage
groups, because he would not have hid his light under the

< >

Since I can't find mention of them in a search of this
group's messages, I would like to know if anyone has
purchased their seemingly well made kits, via their
website (or anywhere else for that matter).

Thank You, and Good-Luck, Peter Boylan

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