Re: Interesting PRR classes

Gatwood, Elden J SAD

I spent some time this weekend looking at a list of PRR freight cars c.late
50's to 1960, and came up with some interesting facts...

There were still 11 USRA single sheath X26 boxcars in 1960, but 3348 steel
rebuilds of that car in service as X26C's.

The X29s were being scrapped by the thousands, but still 12,408 in service in

The PRR was rapidly converting many box cars to dedicated service, and
classified approx 20% of the fleet as "Auto & Special" box cars.

The PRR still referred to hoppers as "Hopper Gondola" cars at that late date

The only "coke" cars on the PRR were 13 GTC26's converted from X26's by
removal of the roof; the H21F were NOT coke cars, despite all the captioning
to the contrary; they were woodchip cars.

Elden Gatwood

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