Re: "The Standard Car Company" parts

Kathe Robin <kathe@...>

Unfortunately, Don Valentine (NERS/Standard Car Company) was in a severe
accident about a month ago while enroute to the annual Train Show in
Mass. (While he was stopped at a light, someone plowed into the back
of his Volvo at something like 40 MPH and put both he and his wife in
the hospital and totaled the car.) I talked to Don via email recently
and they are both recovering, but its slow going. He is however
shipping product - especially those doors, since I just ordered 25 sets
and sent him a check w/order.

I would suggest trying to reach him via email of smail again.


smail: Max S. Robin, P.E.
Cheat River Engineering Inc.
23 Richwood Place / P. O. Box 289
Denville, NJ 07834 - 0289

voice: 973-627-5895 / 973-627-5460 / 973-586-4310
cell.: 201-404-4075

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