Re: IC 40' box car decal

Tim O'Connor

Staffan, the Illinois Central (steam era) has really gotten the
short end of the stick decal-wise, even while Dan Kohlberg has
produced a boatload of beautiful IC/ICG decals for the post-STMFC
era. Even CDS, and Mark Vaughan, ignored the IC. I sent a copy of
a beautiful photo of IC 20223 (stenciled for automobile engine
loading and a "return empty to" stencil) to Intermountain in the
hope they would produce a model of the IC "1940" AAR box cars but
no luck there either. I agree with you about the shortcomings of
Champ HB-150 but that's just about all there is...

Tim O'Connor

At 5/28/2010 03:40 PM Friday, you wrote:
Where can I find lettering for an HO 40' IC box car like the 18629 in the photo on p. 22 of the RP Cyc 4? The Champ set no. HB-150 seems a bit oversized judging by the Champ Lettering Plan Book. Thanks in advance,

Staffan Ehnbom

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