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Mike Brock <brockm@...>

I'm always a bit amused to read wish lists for frt cars. I'll also freely admit that I no nothing about scales other than HO [ some will add HO as well ].

I suppose the criteria for asking a manufacturer to expend the loot to generate tooling for a plastic car probably should be dependent upon the number of cars that might reasonably be sold. There have been, over the years, various scenarios that might be used to project such sales. You know...the car needs to have been owned by ATSF, SP, UP, B&O, NYC, Pennsy, C&O, Central Vermont [ just checking to see if Armand Premo is awake ], Southern, GN, NP, ACL and SAL. Actually, a car owned by UP and 5 others would probably be acceptable <G>. However, is that really a good scenario? I mean, since the STMFC has shown time and again that box cars went everywhere, is there any real reason for the other 5...if we're talking box cars? Well...paraphrasing that infamous statement made by a former member of the SP 4449 crew to me at the end of Railfair 81 [ Hmmm. Denny ( Anspach )...isn't it about time for another? Denny? You there? Haven't heard from you for awhile ] when I asked if the SP dispatcher would tell us when 4449 was scheduled to leave Sacramento..."Probably Not", I'll say, Probably. Why? Simple. The STMFC still only gets to about 1650 modelers. Nevertheless, it is difficult to find a car that has not been made that would work for several of the above RR's [ a 50 ft auto car like MDC did sounds good ]. So...abandoning that criteria and speaking of box/auto cars, obviously 3 or 4 come to mind. First, the UP A-50-14 and A-50-15 with and without end doors. Second, UP A-50-19. Trix did the A-50-16...of course calling it a 19. We can add the UP B-50-19 and/or B-50-21. And, while I'm feeling about an ATSF FE-24? I mean, the thing was painted in green for express service and Mineral Brown for frt service. They could sell 2 to a real Santa Fe guy.

As usual...when this topic comes up, I find myself thinking [ no doubt in error ] that the number of prototype cars should have significance. usual...presto! The AAR Alternate standard 50 ton hopper...of which C&O had about 20,000. I mean...what's the difference between 10,000 and 80,000 when it comes to frt cars? It's sorta like...can you tell the difference between 15� and 25�? I can't. In fact...below freezing [ 53�? ], I can't tell anything. But, regardless of the numbers...we'll likely have another manufacturer produce yet another AAR standfard 50 ton hopper. And...yes...hoppers of all kinds wandered all over the northeast and midwest. Uh oh...a certain dignified, well spoken and extremely knowledgeable frt car historian will no doubt imquire why I think C&O hoppers appeared in Nevada [ midwest ] so...I should say in the region Illinois and east north of Alabama/Jawga/South Carolina....including New York but perhaps not Vermontanada...wherever that is. Armand? So...if one models the C&EI, C&IM, NKP, NC&STL, L&N, Southern, PRR, NYC, B&O, Erie, D&H, RF&P, Mil, Clinchfield, Monon, DT&I, RDG, New Haven, N&W [ yes, even N&W ], IC, W&LE, LV, Wabash, B&LE, P&LE, P&WV [ I know such a modeler ], WM, DL&W, Virginian, and, of course...South need C&O hoppers.

So...given that...I suppose we'll finally get an AAR Alternate Standard 50 ton the words of that infamous SP dispatcher...Probably Not.

Mike Brock

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