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Mike Brock wrote:
I suppose the criteria for asking a manufacturer to expend the loot to generate tooling for a plastic car probably should be dependent upon the number of cars that might reasonably be sold.
Very sound business sense, sir.

There have been, over the years, various scenarios that might be used to project such sales. You know...the car needs to have been owned by ATSF, SP, UP, B&O, NYC, Pennsy . . .
I think when we make these statements we are entirely misunderstanding the market. Modelers buy "neat stuff" above all else, even above their own favorite road. There have been some real oddball things manufactured which sold like hot cakes. So for us on the "excessively serious" end of the spectrum, what we need to do is figure out "neat stuff" which ALSO meets our needs. IF a big OR popular railroad owned it, fine, but . . . neatness, that's the thing.

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