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Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Tony Thompson writes that I wrote:

There have been, over the years, various scenarios that might be
used to project such sales. You know...the car needs to have been
owned by ATSF, SP, UP, B&O, NYC, Pennsy . . .
I think when we make these statements we are entirely
misunderstanding the market. Modelers buy "neat stuff" above all else,..."
Actually...I quite agree. A really well done model...which has some esthetic appeal, even unique...will likely be a good seller. For the locomotive world...and still within our time period...if I were going to invest in a new locomotive...I would give serious consideration to two rather unexpected choices. Jawn Henry and the Big 3 unit UP gas turbines. I would expect to sell perhaps 5 to STMFC members but I'd sell a bunch to others. And, consider. BLI is apparently going through with a 4-12-2. How many people are modeling UP where they ran? 9? MTH already has one on the market and they were available in brass. No matter. It will attract because of its "neatness"...or uniqueness.

There are no sure things in this hobby, of course, but...hmmm...I might have to acquire one of them big ol' turbines for my display case. Don't tell anyone, but IF someone produced one I'd put it next to my OMI DD40AX in the case.

But back to wishin' and a hopin'...why not a double door 40 ft auto car?

Mike Brock

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