Re: Wish List.... May 2010 release

gn3397 <heninger@...>

If I was a manufacturer looking to tool a new steam era RTR freight car, I would do the X31 in single and double door versions. There are multiple roadnames and schemes that could be done for cars that would be of appeal for modelers of the 30s through the early 70s. I know Bowser does them, but I would prefer a car with separate ladders, etc.

I think the B&O wagontop would fit nicely into the "neat" category. There are a lot of lettering variations of only one roadname, but these cars also have appeal for steam, transition, and diesel era modelers.

It would be nice to have GATC Type 30 and UTL X-3 tank cars in plastic. Hopefully we will see one or the other.

As a final note, does anyone know if Martin is going to send out a "Sun" this year, or will we all just be pleasantly surprised when we walk in the sales room? I certainly don't "need" any more resin kits, but I am sure that I will still make a contribution to the Loftons' retirement!

Bob Heninger
Iowa City, IA

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