Re: PRR X-29's, NYC Lot 486 and then?


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In my opinion, what us steam and transition era modelers need most
right now are single sheathed 40' box cars.
I can't agree more.

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Demographics are against us; to be blunt, many of us who model the steam era are geezers whose numbers dwindle significantly every year. The majority of modelers of every age tend to model what they remember from their childhood and adolescence, so there's an inevitable shift in emphasis away from the steam era toward more recent periods of railroad history.

I am not an old geezer (born in 1957) and I model the early 1950's and know a number of other baby boomers that model the steam or transition era that never saw it in person though we remember the "covered wagons", geeps, interlocking towers, passenger trains, etc. 20 years after that. And steam programs have enthused many modelers into the romance of steam. The better, affordable plastic steam out there with sound has changed some younger folks' modeling tastes too. IMO, modeling is sometimes like graduating from rock and roll to jazz and classical music in the later years of your life when you began to appreciate the finer points. As to modeling what I grew up with in my adolescence, I wouldn't model Penn Central if you paid me.

Victor Baird
Fort Wayne, Indiana

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