40 ft gons Was PRR X-29's, NYC Lot 486 and then?

Brian Carlson

Hmm, quickly off the top of my head,

Bowser PRR GS (needs a little work for a fifties era layout but usable,

Accurail 40' Steel gon

p1k USRA drop bottom gon

Red Caboose and IM both had GS and USRA gons in the this range

The old Roundhouse C&O gon

The old Train Miniature/Walther kit (Not sure this had a prototype.)

The even older Tyco/et al low-side gon that can be kitbashed.

In resin sunshine did numerous 40 ft gons. Including PRR GS and GSH, C&O,
NYC, NKP/WLE, etc. see the 67.xx series of kits in the listing here.
http://www.sunshinekits.com/allkitslist.html Many of which can be done with
the Accurail car now.

Westerfield and F&C also have offerings.

Seems to me the 40 ft gon range is pretty well covered. Unless there is a
specific prototype you had in mind.

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.

Cheektowaga NY


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I forgot to mention my wish list item and that would be steel gons in the 40
foot range--not long mill gons that have been produced too frequently. Of
course, that brings up the same problem that Richard mentioned with the 40's
single sheath boxcars--lack of standardization for multiple roads. And the
folks in the model train manufacturer marketing department probably don't
get excited about these cars as they usually are rather nondescript compared
to house cars often with larger logos plus slogans.

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