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        thank you for the info. Sounds like a very interesting research project.

Fred Freitas

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Did a little googling after my previous post, & found more.

The "Railway Car Builders of North America" site says Summers operated in Pittsburgh from 1909-1915, and goes on to say "Cars built by Standard Steel Car Company."

From "The Iron Age" for 24 July 1913, p 210:
"The Summers Steel Car Company, Oliver Building, Pittsburgh, is delivering 100 all-steel 100,000-lb box cars of its own design to the Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad for hauling Portland cement. The cars are equipped with Summers balanced side-bearing trucks."

In TS CYC 35 (reprinted from the 1919 CBC), pp 252-253, are a photo and drawings of B&LE 90001, a most distinctive car. Since the B&LE's 1930s "PS-0" boxcars were numbered from 90101, I suspect the Summers cars were 90001-90100, though they were gone by 1/43 (date of my older ORER).

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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List, do any of our learned friends know what Summers Car Co. produced in the early 1900's ? Don't recall ever hearing about this company; no doubt bought out by a larger concern. T I A

Fred Freitas

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